In addition to working on independent projects and commissions,

Heather is a Cryptic ArtistCryptic is a Glasgow based internationally-

renowned producing art house, presenting today's most imaginative,

innovative  artists whilst also nurturing the creative talent of tomorrow.


2013 - 2015 Master of Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.  Master of Fine Art,

1st class with distinction

1997-1999 Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland.  B.A. (Hons) Fine Art Drawing and Painting

Awards & Residencies:

2020 October - le Cargo residency with Interstices, Caen, France with Alex Augier

2020 Hope Scott Trust grant

CANCELLED due to Covid 19 -: 2020 La Muse en Circuit Residency – Alfortville, France with Alex Augier

2020 Cove Park Residency


2019 Cove Park Residency, Cryptic

2018 Cove Park Residency, Cryptic

2017  British Council Residency, Makassar, Indonesia. Tanahindie Studios

2017  Cryptic : Cove Park Residency, Scotland

2016  Creative Scotland, Open Project Funding, with Simon Harlow

2016  Cryptic : Cove Park Residency, Scotland

2015  Bram Stoker Award, Glasgow School of Art, MFA Degree Show

2013 & 2014 Hope Scott Trust Scholarship

2012  Glasgow Life Visual Arts Grant




09/2020 - Mutek with Amplify Digital Arts Initiative

CANCELLED due to Covid 19 -  08/2020 Scotland - Primordial Waters // Thu 21 - Sun 24 May // The Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine

CANCELLED due to Covid 19 -  04/2020 Montreal - Nearer Future // Fri 17 April // Printemps écossais, Place des Arts, Montréal


Rescheduled due to Covid 19 - 05/2020 Scotland - Primordial Waters // Thu 21 - Sun 24 May // The Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine

Postponed due to Covid 19 - 06/2020 Ukraine - Construction Festival. Dnipro, Ukraine Nearer Future & Primordial Waters // Thu 4 - Sun 7 June // Center for Contemporary Culture


CANCELLED due to Covid 19 - 10/2020 Recurrence with Alex Augier PREMIERE- Sonica London, Kings Place – London, UK


CANCELLED due to Covid 19 - 10/2020 Primordial Waters with Alex Smoke - Sonica London, Kings Place - London, UK

10/2019 Primordial WatersSonica 2019, Tramway Glasgow. with Alex Smoke

10/2019 Do Not Disturb | The Permanence of Fragility, Below the Blanket, Sonica 2019. Tramway, Glasgow.

9/2019 Breaking Reverie, Sheffield, England.  Sensoria Festival 

07/2019 Do Not Disturb | The Permanence of Fragility, Below the Blanket, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

9/2018 Breaking Reverie, Dumfries: DMC Launch, the stove network

9/2018 Breaking Reverie, Findhorn Bay Festival, Scotland. A Cryptic commission in association with Cove Park

02/2018 Nearer Future at Sonica, London. King's Place. A Cryptic commission

11/2017   The Imperfection of Memory, a collaborative work with Colin  Broom, played live by Maxwell Quartet 
Commissioned by Enterprise Music Scotland

10/2017    Nearer Future, Sonica, Cryptic. Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow 

08/2017    Nearer Future, Edinburgh Art Fair. Cryptic/Sonica & the Institut François Écosse

02/2017    Spectra Festival of Light, Aberdeen 

06/2016    Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh

04/2016    Cryptic Nights, in association with Cove Park. CCA, Glasgow 

04/2016    Glasgow International, The Briggait, Glasgow. with Simon Harlow
11/2015     Pluck Projects, University College Cork, Ireland
06/2015   Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Glue Factory, Glasgow

05/2014   Glasgow School of Art MFA Interim Show

04/2014   Group MFA Show, Old Hairdresser's Glasgow

11/2013     Bring Your Own Beamer, Whisky Bond, Glasgow

11/2012    Solo exhibition, New Work: Heather Lander, Platform, The Bridge, Easterhouse

06/2011    The Queen is Dead, Glasgow School of Art 

03/2011    The
Chalet at the Collins Gallery, Glasgow

Reviews, texts & talks:

11/2019 Sonica Talk: Everyday Objects, Magic and AlchemyThe Lighthouse​

11/2019 Review of Primordial Waters, Sonica. The Fountain.


11/2018 Gallina Walls - Breaking Reverie in Dumfries

11/2017   The Scotsman, Sonica review featuring Nearer Future



09/2017  Katherine Aly - Nearer Future review

08/2017  The Sunday Herald, Jan Patience. Nearer Future

04/2016  Cusp Magazine, review Materials and Duration 1.2

04/2016  Plato's Cave in the CCA. Interview, Gareth Vile, Subcity radio. Cryptic Nights

03/2016  The List, Cryptic Nights
11/2015    Pluck Projects, New Work from Glasgow

09/2015  Glasgow City Arts

07/2015  MFA Degree Show Review

A bit about my practice:

Our perception of our physical reality, and how phenomena such as illusions and technology can alter this, has been the focus of my artistic practice for some time. How we recognise and keep hold of realty in a world that is working towards complete virtual immersion is the question my work investigates. The nature of, and the relations between, magic, illusion, reality and the virtual are central to my practice and my thought processes in the studio. The idea of the physical versus the virtual drives my studio practice as the need to understand the differences, and similarities, between these is a constant objective.


I’m interested in how humans in our technological age continue to respond to our physical landscape and my practice looks at how we perceive this reality in a world centred around illusionistic systems. This idea has come to increasingly integrate the recognition and appreciation of the landscape, and our relationship to the natural world. I want the work to instigate thoughts about the importance in not losing sight of our responsibilities to protect our environment and all that inhabit it.


I have been creating three dimensional video installations in collaboration with different sound artists for the past five years. In addition to creating the video, an important part of this work is the manipulation and recreation of the idea of the screen - finding new ways to build sculptural projection surfaces that can be viewed from multiple angles. Using materials such as glass, mirror, acrylic, smart film, mist, water and more, I create the sculpture which is specifically designed to be projected onto and create an illusion with the moving image and light. The video I create is specific to that particular sculpture, and together they give the audience a room saturated by the installation, which they can move about in and see multiple visual perspectives of the work.