In addition to working on independent projects and commissions,

Heather is a Cryptic ArtistCryptic is a Glasgow based internationally-

renowned producing art house, presenting today's most imaginative,

innovative  artists whilst also nurturing the creative talent of tomorrow.


2013 - 2015 Master of Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.  Master of Fine Art,

1st class with distinction

1997 - 1999 Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland.  B.A. (Hons) Fine Art Drawing and Painting

Awards & Residencies:

2021 British Council: Connections Through Culture UK-SEA 2020 Online Collaboration Grant with LinhHafornow of Hanoi, Vietnam

2020  Somerset House Residency, London - Amplify DAI (moved virtual due to Covid 10)

Postponed due to Covid 19 - 2020 October - le Cargo residency with Interstices, Caen, France with Alex Augier


2020 Cove Park Residency

2020 Hope Scott Trust Grant

CANCELLED due to Covid 19 - 2020 La Muse en Circuit Residency – Alfortville, France with Alex Augier


2019 Cove Park Residency, Cryptic

2018 Cove Park Residency, Cryptic

2017  British Council Residency, Makassar, Indonesia. Tanahindie Studios

2017  Cryptic : Cove Park Residency, Scotland

2016  Creative Scotland, Open Project Funding, with Simon Harlow

2016  Cryptic : Cove Park Residency, Scotland

2015  Bram Stoker Award, Glasgow School of Art, MFA Degree Show

2013 & 2014 Hope Scott Trust Scholarship

2012  Glasgow Life Visual Arts Grant



Exhibitions, projects & shows:

05/2021 Recurrence / AV performance & Installation in collaboration with the Alex Augier / Interstice festival / 20th May 2021 / Caen (FR) / Le Cargö / a 2020 Cryptic commission with the support of Diaphonic, Cove Park, Oblique/s, Station Mir, Stereolux

03/2021 Inglesa Festival Brazil, Breaking Reverie and Primordial Waters, revisited versions made for online viewing only

02/2021 Happy To Be Here, Мультимедийный аудиовизуальный проект -  with Михаил Пиняев

British Embassy Moscow, British Council


11/2020  Scottish Government in Canada with St Andrew’s Society of Montréal, Cryptic. 'Primordial Waters Revisited'

11/2020 Somerset House, Amplify DAI - Breaking Reverie Revisited


Postponed due to Covid 19 - 01/2021 - LUX Festival, Helsinki - Primordial Waters

09/2020 - Mutek with Amplify Digital Arts Initiative

Postponed due to Covid 19 -  08/2020 Scotland - Primordial Waters // Thu 21 - Sun 24 May // The Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine

CANCELLED due to Covid 19 -  04/2020 Montreal - Nearer Future // Fri 17 April // Printemps écossais, Place des Arts, Montréal


Rescheduled due to Covid 19 - 05/2020 Scotland - Primordial Waters // Thu 21 - Sun 24 May // The Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine

Postponed due to Covid 19 - 06/2020 Ukraine - Construction Festival. Dnipro, Ukraine Nearer Future & Primordial Waters // Thu 4 - Sun 7 June // Center for Contemporary Culture


CANCELLED due to Covid 19 - 10/2020 Recurrence with Alex Augier PREMIERE- Sonica London, Kings Place – London, UK


CANCELLED due to Covid 19 - 10/2020 Primordial Waters with Alex Smoke - Sonica London, Kings Place - London, UK

10/2019 Primordial WatersSonica 2019, Tramway Glasgow. with Alex Smoke

10/2019 Do Not Disturb | The Permanence of Fragility, Below the Blanket, Sonica 2019. Tramway, Glasgow.

9/2019 Breaking Reverie, Sheffield, England.  Sensoria Festival 

07/2019 Do Not Disturb | The Permanence of Fragility, Below the Blanket, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

9/2018 Breaking Reverie, Dumfries: DMC Launch, the stove network

9/2018 Breaking Reverie, Findhorn Bay Festival, Scotland. A Cryptic commission in association with Cove Park

02/2018 Nearer Future at Sonica, London. King's Place. A Cryptic commission

11/2017   The Imperfection of Memory, a collaborative work with Colin  Broom, played live by Maxwell Quartet 
Commissioned by Enterprise Music Scotland

10/2017    Nearer Future, Sonica, Cryptic. Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow 

08/2017    Nearer Future, Edinburgh Art Fair. Cryptic/Sonica & the Institut François Écosse

02/2017    Spectra Festival of Light, Aberdeen 

06/2016    Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh

04/2016    Cryptic Nights, in association with Cove Park. CCA, Glasgow 

04/2016    Glasgow International, The Briggait, Glasgow. with Simon Harlow
11/2015     Pluck Projects, University College Cork, Ireland
06/2015   Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Glue Factory, Glasgow

05/2014   Glasgow School of Art MFA Interim Show

04/2014   Group MFA Show, Old Hairdresser's Glasgow

11/2013     Bring Your Own Beamer, Whisky Bond, Glasgow

11/2012    Solo exhibition, New Work: Heather Lander, Platform, The Bridge, Easterhouse

06/2011    The Queen is Dead, Glasgow School of Art 

03/2011    The
Chalet at the Collins Gallery, Glasgow

Reviews, texts & talks:

11/2019 Sonica Talk: Everyday Objects, Magic and AlchemyThe Lighthouse​

11/2019 Review of Primordial Waters, Sonica. The Fountain.


11/2018 Gallina Walls - Breaking Reverie in Dumfries

11/2017   The Scotsman, Sonica review featuring Nearer Future


08/2017  Inspiring Art Exhibitions - Edinburgh Art Festival

09/2017  Katherine Aly - Nearer Future review

08/2017  The Sunday Herald, Jan Patience. Nearer Future

04/2016  Cusp Magazine, review Materials and Duration 1.2

04/2016  Plato's Cave in the CCA. Interview, Gareth Vile, Subcity radio. Cryptic Nights

03/2016  The List, Cryptic Nights
11/2015    Pluck Projects, New Work from Glasgow

09/2015  Glasgow City Arts

07/2015  MFA Degree Show Review