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silhouette, with Linh Ha For Now

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Over the last two months I've been working on a collaborative project with Linh Ha For Now, a sound artist in Hanoi, Vietnam.

It is currently a work in progress, with an online premiere in July 2021. We hope to one day perform the piece live, and together, but for now we are creating it as an online piece of work.

Linh Ha and I met at Cove Park in March 2020, just days before the first UK Lockdown. Cryptic invited us both there, and by the time we left we had a notion of hopefully working together at some point.

One unimaginably strange year later and Linh Ha and I have embarked on a socially distanced, online collaboration. I'm beginning to realise that the project has quietly become a cathartic process for me. It feels like a piece of work in which the creation of it could be an attempt to come to terms with some of what has changed since we first met. We are both looking back on the last year with attention to how our perspective on life and the world has evolved. The way we see ourselves and our place in this world has shifted - this piece of work explores this notion.

A short clip of some of the ideas we've been working on can be accessed by clicking the image below, and there's a longer clip here on vimeo. These are the initial rumblings of our online audio visual installation, silhouette.

Supported by the Connections Through Culture programme of the British Council



This collaboration has been made possible with generous support from:

British Council: Connections Through Culture UK-SEA 2020

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