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Research Residency : The Flow Country

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

I spent five amazing days at The Flow Centre, in Forsinard Scotland. Cryptic have invited me, along with four other artists, to create a piece of work that reflects on and speaks about the vast area in Scotland known as The Flow Country. The RSPB and Edinburgh Botanical Gardens have teamed up to present an event in August 2019 that celebrates and raises awareness of this important environment. This mini research residency is just the beginning of getting to know about The Flow Country. I've learned loads already about decarbonisation and the importance these peat bogs play in climate change.

A few photos from my stay,

Sphagnum moss plays a huge part in protecting the peat.

The Flows Lookout Tower, designed by Icosis architects of Edinburgh, constructed by O'Brien Construction of Thurso.

Deforestation is taking place over vast expanses of the Flow Country in an effort to minimise carbon release.

Huge amounts of wood is being harvested as a result of the deforestation efforts.


A big thank you to Cryptic, the RSPB and Caroline Eccles for my time in Forsinard, the heart of the Flow Country.

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