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Residencies : Cove Park

Cove Park, Scotland.

Since 2016, each year near the end of the winter, I have had a residency at Cove Park, sponsored by Cryptic. These few weeks each year have been essential to my creative practice and the work I have made in this time. I will be there again this February 2019 where I will be working on two new projects.

The first year I was at Cove Park I was re-developing Materials and

duration, for a 'Cryptic Nights' at the CCA in Glasgow.

In 2017 I was back to develop a new work titled Nearer Future:

In 2018, I spent my time at Cove Park working on Breaking Reverie:

For 2019 I have two projects I'll be working on at Cove Park. Both to be delivered in late summer & autumn of 2019.

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