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Cove Park, Scotland 2020

I spent two weeks in one of my favourite places on earth, Cove Park. This is my 5th year on an artist residency at Cove, courtesy of Cryptic. It's an inspirational place and the annual residency has become an integral part of my artistic practice. Among other small projects, this year my main focus was to develop a collaboration with Paris based sound artist Alex Augier. We will be creating a new performance and installation for later on this year. Titled Recurrence, the sculptural element will use a material I've been excited about for a few years, smart film. Together with mirror and diacel, Alex and I will program a visual accompaniment to his music. In July we will be on another residency together at La Muse en Circuit, located just outside Paris in Alfortville, France. Below are some photographs of some of the work in progress.

Heather Lander at Cove Park

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