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Cove Park Residency : Cryptic

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Heather Lander | Cove Park

I spent the last two weeks in March at Cove Park. I had the chance to work with Alex Menzies, who will be composing the audio for our Sonica 2019 commission. We got a lot done and feeling confident as to where it's headed as an installation. These are some of the photos of the work in progress. This documentation is all from inside the Cove Park studio. It was the first opportunity I had to try the idea and experiment with how it works.

The water and mist pick up the video projection and do some really interesting things with the light. There's a couple short videos on my vimeo page.

Massive thanks once again to Cryptic and Cove Park for this time to focus on my practice.

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